Brighten your game

Say goodbye to difficult and costly ferrule replacement! The SnapCap split ferrule design is meant to help you replace your boring black ferrules in a quick easy way. Simply cut off your old ferrule, glue on the new ones, and swing! Do it yourself at your home, or give it to your club guy at your local course.

Your SnapCaps come with 8 ferrule sets, just enough to cover all of your irons. Match your grips, rep your favorite teams, and help align your club face with our 2-toned options. Choose from our pre-set 2-tone options or choose your own color combination to brighten up your game.

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SNAPCAP Revolution

For over 100 years the black ferrule has been a golf club standard. We are changing the name of the game by adding some color to your clubs and making it easy to do so. Revolutionize your game with SnapCaps.

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How To Snap

For more details watch our informative video!